A Few Children’s Biographies



Ermiyas is a boisterous eight year old, currently in the second grade at the Fresh and Green Academy. His mother passed away when he was very young and he lived with his father who mistreated and abused him. The neighbours intervened on his behalf, explaining to the local Kebele (government) about his dire situation and in turn they referred him to Muday, whose work in the community they were aware of. She adopted him right away and he has studied at the Fresh and Green Academy and lived happily with her and her family ever since! When he’s not brushing up on his favourite subject, maths, he likes to play hide and seek with friends. Ermiyas would love to be an engineer when he is older so he can build a house for his new mum, Muday.




Fasika is a cheerful and constantly giggling five year old, currently in the nursery school at the Fresh and Green Academy. Her mother was struggling to support her, her sister and three brothers by selling vegetables on the side of the street. They approached Muday two years ago and she has been enrolled in the school ever since, with her mother now receiving a salary from the association for helping with tasks such as cleaning and food preparation for the students. Fasika says she is so much happier now she receives a meal every day and is getting an education. She loves to play on the swing with her friends and, never having been in a car, she says that when she is older she would like to be a truck driver!




Yafet is seven years old and currently studying in the first grade at the Fresh and Green Academy. He lives with his Mum, four brothers and three sisters. His father left them five years ago, leaving the mother to struggle desperately bringing up eight children, with his siblings helping when they could. Muday immediately took him under her wing and he says that life has improved dramatically for him and his family. He is a keen footballer which he likes to do after school and on the weekends with his friends. His favourite subject is biology and when he’s older he wants to be a doctor so that he can help others from poor families, like himself.