Zimbabwe’s Children

The Aletheia Foundation, Zimbabwe Children’s fund registered charity no 1110096 (formerly True Vision Foundation) was founded by Brian Woods, Deborah Shipley and Jezza Neumann, producers of the BAFTA award winning film Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children and Directors of True Vision TV.
After the film was aired, Sharon Thompson, a Zimbabwean living in the UK, joined the Foundation and headed back out to the country of her birth to help Obert, Esther and Grace. After a successful mission to get the children who featured in the film back into school and improve their home lives, Sharon has continued to work tirelessly to make education a reality for more children in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe Education System

A brief history


Our Scope of Action

We are a UK registered charity and a registered Trust in Zimbabwe. Our Trustees (in both the UK and Zimbabwe), staff and volunteers have been brought together through the making of the film Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children. Zimbabwe’s Children originated from the BBC documentary and started with three children from that film. We have grown to help over one thousand children to have access to education, mostly through Chinhoyi Rural Area Primary School.

We have many years experience of implementing a wholesome, holistic approach which provides not only education, but also sustainable solutions for improving the lives of families in Zimbabwe. Our approach is not only to educate a child, it is also about teaching guardians to provide for and nurture their children.

We also work to empower and develop marginalised communities that have no other place to turn for support. We work with the children, parents, families, teachers and the wider community to bring about hope and independence in breaking the cycle of poverty and providing the structure for each individual to be a contributing member of their community.

In order to help Zimbabwean children in the best way possible, with run projects focusing on Education, Child Protection, Help for disabled children, Water and Health, Agriculture, as well as a Feeding Programme.

ZimKids 10
Feeding program kids queue
ZimKids 11
Grade 1 children drinking maheu

Our overall milestone: the development of the school has meant many children who were previously walking 7-10kms to attend other schools, now walk a short distance to their local school where they are met with safe classrooms, fresh clean water, a nutritious meal and quality education. Hundreds of families have reported a reduction in stress and an increase in well-being since our intervention, creating a centre of hope, empowerment, support and education within their community.


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