The Ethiopian Education Foundation

Who we are

The Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF) is an effective UK registered charity achieving measurable and sustainable results with virtually zero administration cost. All work for EEF is done on a voluntary basis and our admin costs are covered in full by the trustees and directors. Therefore every cent of every donation goes directly to helping our students.
We run the organisation like a business but the outcome is dramatic change, instead of profit.

Our Cause

According to a recent UNESCO study only 1.6% of secondary school students in Ethiopia go on to tertiary education, ranking it 138th – the lowest in the world. Government secondary schools are overcrowded and often children have to travel long distances as well as help out with chores, such as collecting water, at home. Often children, especially those who have lost parents, travel to Addis Ababa at a very young age in search of improved education. Many of them end up on the streets, which, particularly in case of young girls makes them extremely vulnerable.
At EEF, our mission is to help transform Ethiopia’s future by providing excellent education scholarships for severely under privileged yet motivated, academically promising students, empowering them with the skills that will enable them to transform Ethiopia’s future.


Our programme

Each year we grant around 15 secondary school scholarships (boys & girls) to talented, yet severely underprivileged, children selected from a pool of government “feeder schools” and local charity organisations. These students come from all racial and religious communities. For all our selected students the scholarships include four years of fully paid secondary school tuition, for the period of grade 9-12, at one of Ethiopia’s leading private schools. The scholarships include uniforms, school materials and full boarding at one of our student houses. The facilities of these houses include computer room with internet access, library and recreational as well educational services. Mentoring and group seminars can be attended by all EEF scholars.
Once students graduate from secondary school, EEF support them during university through the provision of a small pocket money allowance (£1 per day), laptops, and work placements where possible.

Our Impact

Here is what we have achieved after being in operation for just over 10 years:

• Students currently on the EEF High School Programme – 56
• EEF High School graduates currently at University and supported by EEF – 86
• EEF University graduates – 53
• Percentage of EEF High School Graduates entering University – 100%
• Number of Students on full New York University Scholarships – 5 (3 graduated)
• Number of students on University of Helsinki Scholarships – 2
• Percentage of EEF university students studying Medicine – 24 %
• The first fully qualified medical doctors graduated in 2014 / 2015 (five more will graduate in 2016)
• The first 16 engineers have graduated from university since 2014 – all have found jobs

What we offer to our students

Our Student Houses provide safe accommodation and nutritious meals as well as a stimulating and inspiring environment in which the students can thrive by studying with each other and by participating in 1-2-1 mentoring as well as group seminars and workshops. The academy style house is run by volunteer managers who combine experience in International Development work and business or academic backgrounds. This support system is complimented by the involvement of many local and international volunteers who mentor students, provide tuition, career advice workshops or simply help out to make life at EEF a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.


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