Bruce Templeton

Born – Christchurch, New Zealand – 1945

Bruce Templeton is the founder of Wines That Make a Difference. After arriving in the UK in 1966 Bruce worked in a variety of fields. In 1972/3 whilst working for Rank Xerox, Bruce achieved 312% of target making him top salesman world-wide in competition with over 8,000 other salesmen. At this time Rank Zerox UK LTD, achieved the leading post-war performance of any company in British Industry (Source: Management Today, June 1973).

During this time Bruce travelled around the world and it was on these travels that he developed a taste for fine wine which eventually led to his partnership with Harry Waugh, MW (Honorary). Over two decades Harry and Bruce formed a close friendship and one of the many things that Harry taught Bruce in the role of his mentor is that great wine should be ‘enjoyed, not intellectualised’. Two quotes that Bruce often uses when speaking of Harry and that are known throughout the wine trade are firstly, when asked if he had ever mistaken Claret for Burgundy, Harry’s response was ‘not since lunch’ and secondly, that he is accredited with saying that ‘the first duty of wine is to be red and the second to be a Burgundy’.

Over the last 38 years Bruce has travelled extensively throughout Burgundy tasting at many top domains. He lived between London and Provence for many years which allowed him to visit the Rhone Valley and build, along with his cellar of Burgundy, a collection spanning decades, of wine such as The Hermitage of Jean Louis Chave and Chateau Rayas.

Bruce currently is an agent/sales consultant for a major importer of Crystal and Porcelain, for whom he has worked with for 37 years. He specialises in selling fine wine glasses to many five star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants worldwide.

Bruce is passionate about life, classical music, opera, theatre and literature.